Paula Pearl started her art career seeing life through a lens. After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising Design/Photography, she began a career in photography in New York City. She later became involved in quiltmaking and fiber arts after she took time off from her career to raise a family. Her award winning quilts, wearables and fiber arts have been exhibited in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana and one of her quilts was featured in the Quilting Arts Calendar. After a friend mentioned that some of her art quilts resemble paintings, she decided to give painting a try.

Paula started with watercolor painting about 15 years ago and soon after tried her hand at pastels.  Pastel painting has become a passion for her. The rich intensity of the colors and the layering effects that are possible with pastel make it her medium of choice. She will occasionally also work in oils.  Her photographic background has a strong influence on the lighting and composition of her paintings. Always on the lookout for inspiration for her landscapes, she takes her camera everywhere she goes.

She is frequently drawn to scenes which feature water or wildlife and many of her paintings show a quiet place, serene and sometimes ethereal, that comes from her love of nature and her admiration of the beauty all around us. Paula exhibits frequently in the tri-state area and many of her paintings are in private collections.